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We also recommend looking at the scenarios that resulted from BeyondPeak.com's "First Annual 'Things Might Get Better' Peak Oil Scenario Competition". You'll find the top three prizewinners, plus an additional 14 scenarios that received Honorable Mention.

Christmas Eve 2050

By John Michael Greer

Four Stages of the Breakdown

Awareness. Transition. Scavengery. Self-sufficiency.

Future Scenarios

Climate Change/Peak Oil scenarios from David Holmgren, co-founder of the Permaculture movement.

Oil Scenarios.info

An excellent site with detailed information on five different Peak Oil scenarios, ranging from Pollyanna to Head for the Hills

Peaking of World Oil Production

Impacts, Mitigation and Risk Management. The Hirsch Report prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Post Soviet Lessons for a Post-American Century - Part One

How the Russian people dealt with the collapse, and a comparison between Russian and American cultures. Could the Russian experience be a dress rehearsal for the American experience?

Part Two

Part Three

Russian Peak Oil Scenario

Parts One and Two

Things to Come: Part I

On air travel and the tourist industries

Part II

Surviving oil scarcity

Part III


Part IV

Education and work

Timeline for Unfolding Crisis of Mankind

2004 - 2015

Polar Cities

Sustainable high-population-density cities in case of severe results of global warming.

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