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Energy Bulletin
Absolutely the best site for the latest Peak Oil news. It's the one we always check first

ExxonMobil Sounds Silent Peak Oil Alarm
Downplays the potential of oil shale and Canadian tar sands

What Happens Once The Oil Runs Out?
New York Times Op-Ed by petroleum geologist Kenneth Deffeyes

The End of Oil
What's going to happen as we start running out of cheap gas to guzzle? - Article in Rolling Stone by James Howard Kunstler

Peak Oil in Congress
The first known talk on Peak Oil on the Congressional floor, by Congressman Bartlett of Maryland on March 14, 2005

U.S. Department of Energy on Peak Oil
A remarkable statement in the ASPO March 2005 newsletter, including "World oil peaking represents a problem like none other. The political, economic, and social stakes are enormous. Prudent risk management demands urgent attention and early action." Read the entire entry.

No Escape from Dependency
Article in Mother Jones magazine by Michael Klare

The Gathering Storm
Barron's article by Charles Maxwell, the "dean of energy analysts". Excellent article

The Sage of the End of Oil
Article on Out of Gas author David Goodstein in California Institute of Technology News

Oil Scenarios.info
An excellent site with detailed information on five different Peak Oil scenarios, ranging from Pollyanna to Head for the Hills

Oil: Is the end at hand?
From CNN/Money

Peak Oil? Include Me Out
Thoughts from a once-burned Y2K activist

Crude Awakening
Article in The Nation by Michael Klare

The Peak Oil Debate: Crisis Or Comedy?
Presentation by Matthew Simmons at the SPE Annual Technology Conference (pdf)

The World Has Lost Iraq's Oil
USA Today

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