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Alas, Babylon
Focused on the aesthetic, artistic, and literary aspects of the end of Industrial Civilization (and the psychological and spiritual underpinnings thereof)

Energy News
Forum for posting energy-related news items and articles

Energy Resources
Issues related to the systemic understanding of energy, the environment, and society

Energy Round Table
Discussion of energy and energy-related issues for those who want to better understand the challenges that lie ahead

Google Groups
"Peak oil" search in Usenet and Google groups

Peak Oil.com Forums
Discussion of the basics of hydrocarbon depletion and related issues

Running on Empty2
Global exhaustion of oil and gas wells. The largest Internet forum on Peak Oil

Running on Empty3
For those people just finding out about Peak Oil and the possible impacts on themselves, their families, civilization and the world.

Running on Empty Canada
Formed with the understanding that Canada will have unique requirements dealing with the energy decline dictated by geography, climate, language, cultural and regional diversity. English and French

Toronto Peak Oil
Focus on awareness and local action in Toronto, Canada

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