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End of Suburbia film - DVD or VHS

The End of Suburbia

The movie you, your family and your friends have to see Buy the DVD now


If you find the topic of Peak Oil interesting, why not buy the book that tells you how to prepare for it?

Peak Oil Prep is an expanded, paperback version of our Beyond Peak website. You can order it right now and have your own copy in just a few days.

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After the Peak - The End of Cheap Oil
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What a Way to Go DVD cover
What a Way to Go

"I have seen a number of films on Peak Oil, climate change and the other ills of our society and planet, but none has moved me so much as this one."—Mick Winter, DryDipstick.com
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Escape from Suburbia
A fresh look at Peak Oil and what some people and towns are doing to deal with it.
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End of Suburbia film - DVD or VHS

Buy "The End of Suburbia" Now

Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream. Highly recommended

A Crude Awakening
Documentary on the planet's dwindling oil resources

Oil Factor, The
Behind the War on Terror

Peak Oil—imposed by Nature
Norwegian-made (but in English) documentary featuring Colin Campbell and other oil and financial experts

Power of Community, The
How Cuba survived Peak Oil. Film produced by Community Solution. Cuba's transition from an industrial petroleum-based society to a sustainable society, as a result of their loss of petroleum when their source the Soviet Union collapsed.
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