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Peak Oil Prep book

Peak Oil Prep
Prepare for Peak Oil, Climate Change and Economic Collapse
246-page paperback

Peak Oil Prep
Three Things You Can Do to Prepare for Peak Oil, Climate Change and Economic Collapse
How your family and community can live more sustainably, save energy and save money—from Mick Winter, the host of DryDipstick.com and BeyondPeak.com

Beyond Oil
The view from Hubbert's Peak, by Kenneth S. Deffeyes, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University and author of Hubbert's Peak

Blood and Oil
The dangers and consequences of America's growing petroleum dependency - by Michael Klare

Coming Oil Crisis, The
By Colin J. Campbell

Crossing the Rubicon
Crossing the Rubicon
The decline of the American empire at the end of the age of oil, by Michael Ruppert

End of Oil, The
On the edge of a perilous new world, by Paul Roberts

Half Gone
Oil, Gas, Hot Air, and the Global Energy Crisis. To be published June 2006. By Jeremy Leggett, Chief Scientst at Greenpeace UK and author of The Carbon War: Global Warming and the End of the Oil Era.

High Noon for Natural Gas
High Noon for Natural Gas
The new energy crisis, by Julian Darley

Hubbert's Peak
The impending world oil shortage, by Kenneth S. Deffeyes

Island Planet
A survival guide for the end of the fossil fuel world , by Matthew Henley

It's the Crude, Dude
War, big oil and the fight for the planet, by Linda McQuaig

The Long Emergency by James Howard Kunstler
Long Emergency, The
Surviving the end of the oil age, climate change, and other converging catastrophes of the twenty-first century, by James Howard Kunstler

Oil Age is Over, The
What to expect as the world runs out of cheap oil, 2005-2050. Question and answer format. Recommended. Also available as ebook

The Oil Depletion Protocol by Richard Heinberg
Oil Depletion Protocol, The
A Plan to Avert Oil Wars, Terrorism and Economic Collapse, by Richard Heinberg

Oil Factor, The
How oil controls the economy and your financial future, by Donna and Stephen Leeb

Oil, Jihad and Destiny
Will declining oil production plunge our planet into a depression?

Out of Gas
The end of the age of oil, by Stephen Goodstein

The Party's Over
The Party's Over
Oil, war and the fate of industrial societies, by Richard Heinberg

Peak Oil and the Fate of Humanity
Free online Power Point book

Peak Oil Survival Guide
Step-by-step guide to Peak Oil survival available as inexpensive e-book.

Post Carbon Cities
Post Carbon Cities
Planning for energy and climate uncertainty. A guide book on Peak Oil and Global Warming for local governments, from the Post Carbon Institute

Options and actions for a post-carbon world, by Richard Heinberg

Twilight in the Desert
The coming Saudi oil shock and the world economy, by Matthew Simmons

2030 Spike, The
The 2030 decade will see six "drivers" converge in a catastrophic "spike". Depleted fuel supplies, rampant population growth, poverty, climate change, famine, and water shortages

An imaginative leap into the future, a few decades hence, showing what life may be like after the end of oil, climate change, global pandemics, and resource wars converge.
Buy "World Made by Hand: A Novel" Now

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