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Are We Running Out of Oil?
Environmental Literacy Council

Bulls and Bears Duel Over Supply
Article from the Explorer, monthly magazine of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Coming Global Catastrophe, The
And ways to preempt it - From Culture Change

Coming Global Energy Crunch, The
A $2 gallon of gas is just the beginning. From the New York Press. Outstanding article. A must read.

Crude Dude
Oil, Iraq and Peak Oil

Dire Prophecy
As Prices Soar, Doomsayers Provoke Debate on Oil's Future - From the Wall Street Journal

End of Cheap Oil, The
By Colin Campbell and Jean Laherrère

End of False Progress
Origins of materialism, and implications for our future in the post-petroleum reality

End of the Oil Age, The
By Richard Heinberg

Forecasting Global Oil Supply, 2000-2050
July 2002 Hubbert Center newsletter, by Dr. Colin Campbell (pdf)

Ghawar is Dying
The world's largest oil field

Man Who Forsaw Skyrocketing Gas Prices, The
Analyst Ali Bakhtiari

Maul of America
James Kunstler on the need to localize the American Way of Life

Oil: The Illusion of Plenty (PDF)
From the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Oil Gone
From the North Bay Bohemian

Peak Oil
Presentation by Colin Campbell to the Technical University of Clausthal—with graphics

Peak Oil: An Outlook on Crude Oil Depletion
Article by Colin Campbell

Peak Oil and the Road to the Olduvai Gorge
A theory that Industrial Civilization will end by 2030, when energy production per capita will have dropped to 1930 levels

Peak Oil Primer
Excellent introduction from Energy Bulletin

Plan War and the Hubbert Oil Curve
An interview with author Richard Heinberg for Z Magazine

Post-Petroleum Paradigm—and Population, The
By geologist Dr. Walter Youngquist in the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

Real Reasons for the War with Iraq, The
Originally written in 2003—with a 2004 commentary

Running on Empty
A field guide to the coming fuel crunch

Simmons, Matthew
Speeches, including some on Peak Oil, by the president of energy investment banking group Simmons & Company International

Simmons Hopes He's Wrong
Leading energy analyst believes Saudi Arabia's crude oil supply near peak

We Did It
World's seven largest economies (G7) admit they have no idea how much oil is left

Will the End of Oil Mean the End of America?
From Common Dreams.org

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